band credits


DUMP HIM (guitar, vocals) -- massachusetts based punk pop / queercore -- my main project

dump him began as a solo project in august 2015, as a venue for working through recent trauma through music. at the time, i had severe tinnitus and hyperacusis (that led to the demise of my old band, paths) and thought i would never be able to play or attend a full band show again. fourtunately, over time i learned to manage the ringing, the pain subsided, and i started playing dump him songs with my friends upon suggestion of my friend rebecca. the first dump him full band show happened at the democracy center in august 2016 with larz brogan on drums and gen cayford on bass. soon after, the three of us did a short tour with larz's band daephne. over time, the dump him "band" evolved into a collective of like-minded queer friends of mine; whoever was around would play in the band. after two years and 18 different pals playing various instruments, dump him has morphed into a 4-piece band featuring myself, larz brogan (gay sin, daephne, bright red reason, palehound, the michael character, etc) on drums, otto klammer (dazey & the scouts) on bass, and mattie hamer (filmmaker extrodinare) on lead guitar and sometimes also bass at the same time! we just recorded our first album as A Band, and it's due out sometime next fall or winter!

susie derkins (bass) -- pop

a philly-based band that i play in sometimes. my friend sam's project, featuring heyoon (boosegumps, free cake for every creature) & allegra (AllegrA).

Julie Cira & The Wake (bass) -- alt-country

northampton-based queer alt-country made some punks. my friend julie's project, featuring alyssa (alyssa kai, LOONE, cutting room floor).

Glambat (bass) -- indie rock

CT-based indie rock. my friend emily's project that i just started playing in.

saint joan! (bass) -- acoustic

northampton-based trauma dyke love songs. my friend indie's project that i sometimes add bass to.


paths (bass, vocals) -- emo

this was my very first band, based out of the north shore of boston! in 2012, me and my my high school pals matt (now of muddler) & jonah (now of architect fame) put this band together to jam on some midwest-emo inspired tunes (but think more poppy; NOT twinkly). we really only existed for a year before i significantly fucked my ears up and had to take a break from being in bands. in that time, we put out an EP & a split with Rend. our last show was in 2014.