cam girls (2016, dir liz walber) -- music director

"Cam Girls is an exploration of identity and spectatorship online through new forms of sex work, celebrity, witchcraft, and herbology. The film means to position cyberspace as a plane of spiritual meaning and transgressive ritual and agency." - Liz Walber, director

I curated the soundtrack for the film featuring bands like Ursula (BOS/PHL), SBSM, and Blood Club. For the soundtrack, I also recorded a cover of The L Word theme song (originally by Betty), which served as Cam Girls' "theme," and plays during the film's opening credits.

shelf life (2020, dir liz walber) -- Tova

Shelf Life is Liz Walber's latest project. Shelf Life is a dyke love story set in a climate change driven apocalypse. In the film, I will be starring as Tova, a climate-concerned butch who is one half of the dyke couple the film centers around.

The film also stars Zoe Nadig as Golda, Yara Colon as Marge, and Annie Dunne as Zelda. The wonderful crew features Portia Danis (DP), Indie Beare(art director), and Abby Weaver (wardrobe).